WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – CHINA- Zhang Yue, 52, says his 220-storey, 2,750ft-tall building in Changsha, which he has called “Sky City”, will be the world’s first standardised, factory-built skyscraper: bringing China’s mass manufacturing skills to our cities.
Nor does Mr Zhang intend to stop at 2,750ft, a height which narrowly eclipses the Burj al Kalifa in Dubai. In his office in the inland province of Hunan are plans for a tower some 1.2 miles high.

Mr Zhang, who made his fortune first from making boilers and then from selling industrial air-conditioning units for office buildings, airports and public spaces, turned his attention to construction in the wake of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008.
His engineers designed steel beams that could be mass-produced in factories and then rapidly slotted together like Meccano, and which would also be earthquake resistant.

The modular sections, complete with ducts for plumbing and electricity, are built at two factories and then shipped to the building site. Theoretically, they can be combined in any scale.