WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – BRUXELLES.  We all know the risk the US dollar is facing in a possible collapse in the near future, but,  what is the hidden security & political risks attached to such a collapse of the US Dollar? A wise man said recently — “What this pattern represents is a dangerous countdown clock that’s quickly approaching zero,” wise words by Keith Fitz-Gerald, the Chief Investment Strategist for the Money Map Press, who successfully  predicted the 2008 oil shock, the credit default swap crisis that helped bring about the recession, and the Greek and European fiscal catastrophe that is still wreaking havoc until this day.

The remaining questions is not ” If ” but rather ” when ” will it happen, and secondly, what’s the security risks behind a global recession never seen before. How would security containment’s be fixed controlling the needs of 2 billion people when their European banks don’t open the next morning in Europe ?  The ECIPS believe that we have possibly moved beyond the point of no return and said that they believe that these implications would not just effect the USA but all financial banks linked to the US dollar system on a grand scale never seen before.

On 28 February 2013, debt held by the USA public was approximately $11.822 trillion or about 74% of GDP. Intra-governmental holdings stood at $4.865 trillion, giving a combined total public debt of $16.687 trillion. As of July 2012, $5.3 trillion or approximately 48% of the debt held by the public was owned by foreign investors, the largest of which were the People’s Republic of China and Japan at just over $1.1 trillion each.

The USA is borrowing at present $3 Billion per day from western countries to pay its deficit debt and it has rapidly increased since 2005. During 2009  Obama’s team made it official that the budget deficit reached its highest records. This indicates that indeed Keith Fitz-Gerald, the Chief Investment Strategist for the Money Map Press might be right and above all,  have warned of these changes to come during a time that lots could have been done to avoid it. Bankruptcy is not when it is filled but, rather happens during early stages of mismanagement of a corporation . So,  by the time it is seen, its normally too late. the ECIPS said.

This is the same in the US Dollar scenario.  Baron Baretzky, the President of the ECIPS (European Centre for Information Policy and Security),   said that he believe this to be the number two global threat of our present time. He said that the implications of security threats surrounding any stability risks for the US dollar could stretch  far beyond total anarchy should the US dollar ever collapse. He indicated that when people are hungry,  all rules changes and law-enforcement containment would certainly fail to exercise control of any public as demonstrated during 1936 US recession when public were one third of today’s population.

This makes us think what the real risks , beside losing your money in the bank could be. Survival of the heights order ?  Perhaps this explains why new laws are preventing public of having any cash exceeding 10 000 Euro or Dollars in their possession and that banks is trying to contain the coming problems to avoid a total financial collapse of our financial world as we know it.

Although Bloomsburg reported in an published prediction in an article on Feb 6, 2013 that the US deficits predicted to shrink below $1 Trillion, U.S.  the world financial analyst is skeptical about this prediction. Nobody can say for sure what will happen by end 2013. It could also be a false flag according to the ECIPS and only time will tell according to some experts.

The reality remains that in order to change the present state of affairs, a policy change have to take affect . This could mean living below average standards for many in the USA and Europe, but will this ever be the case unless enforced by a recession.  Countries who’s currency are pegged to the USD , are largely at risk during these times and it could spark a new paradigm in financing of banks that might have out think themselves and face extinction should the USD collapse in the very near future.

Will we go back to private gold or perhaps change to a smaller commodity , much more available and above all, a more false currency such as the worlds diamond  reserves and peg it to the USD in order to buy time, or will we face total world anarchy and hunger over the next 100 years ?

It seems the choices are few to be debated. Will the US Dollar become a modern Dinosaur, heavy in weight and face extinction or will we ourselves face extinction as the dinosaurs did with exception that we, mankind is a product of man-made extinction.




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