WORLD NEWS TOMORROW | WNT NEWS-A WORLD NEWS TOMORROW POLL this week shows the former Massacussetts governor is lagging behind the notorious Obama by some six….  points in the race for the White House. This as a strong  signal for an even fiercer fightback by the GOP’s big-money supporters, and a fight that can only get nastier, and more personal.

As yet, few of the sublime rich and famous Democrats who have proved generous in the past have appeared willing to write those sought-after million dollar cheques, but the party does not seem worried at all. Yet. On the Rachel Maddow show, the movie tycoon Harvey Weinstein insisted that supporters wouldn’t shell out money if they didn’t have to, depicting the Romney campaign as a lost cause. “You can spend all the money in the world, if you’ve got a bad product, it doesn’t matter.”

But as the Republicans amass their $ 800 million poll war chest in readiness for the battle to come, the tone of those urgent emails from the Obama camp, appealing for cash, any cash, reveal a fear that is not that far from the surface.

Under-raised and underspent: could the man with the most powerful job in the western world really be the underdog? Welcome to the world of campaign finance, 2012. Not the world you’d like, but the world you have – where the cost of political success? Priceless.


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