WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – BOR, Borglobe  – Violent erupted between the two communities of Lekyak and Hiya-Fanjak today as a cause of channels constructed by the state ministry of Physical Infrastructure to reduce flooding in some parts of Bor town.  “On 15th night the water reached to our houses, we tried to block it at night but there was nowhere to begin while before in the morning we try to put the block in order to block the water and we were told to contributed 50 Fifty South Sudanese pounds per household for construction of the channel and we response immediately.” Amuou Gai Nhial said.

“The water came from Block O and Block M towards our direction and those from Block O and M were contributing for the construction of water ways into river.” She said.Deng said they paid 1260 south Sudanese pounds according to his decision with an engineer for the construction of the water-ways in their
area.  “As we contributed in our area, the water drainage was constructed from our side but reaching to the area of Haya-Fanjak they refused to contribute 50 south Sudanese pounds per house hold and response that they are not longer the resident of the area.” Deng Makuei said from Lekyaak.

“After they saw it that water is flowing to them they plan to block the water-ways and this resulted to overflow of the water in to our villages and when we try to stop them in blocking the water they turned to fight us.” Deng add.
The state director for community security and small arms control Aguti Adut Aguti has order for a completion of drainage to night in the remainder part to stop violent between the two communities by connecting the water channels with the main drainage before Monday.

“We are going to constructed the remained 50 meters tonight so that your situation is recued; the machine is coming soon to begin its work. So we need you all to be cool because we are working on your behalf to help each other.” The director for community security and small arms control Aguti Adut Aguti said.“Before in the morning when we came out in the church, we saw a machine constructing the water channel and we thought that it will reach Haya-Machuor while after it reached some few meters toward direction of Haya-Machuor, the construction stop. And water flow in our houses.” Daruka Aruar Ajang from Haya-fanjak explained.

“We were not blocking the water, we put the dyke where the construction stops to stop the water outbreak in to our side and thatwhy we block the water,” Aruar said.  The residents of Haya-Fanjak requested the state government to help them to continue with the construction.The chairperson of Haya-Fanjak requested the leadership of the other community so that they get calmed and go back to their families so that the case would be resolved by the government in peace.  The Last two days a baby of about 5 years died after he fell into a trench drainage in Bor town.

Bol Kuol said that the general Community is blaming the state police of absenting themselves from the area while they were given information before the fighting began and stayed for two hours without any alert to restore order