WORLD NEWS TOMORROW -New York -A newly released intelligence report showed that the information surrounding synthetic diamonds might have been suppressed by certain corporations in the interest of military applications research and development. In 2009 the world diamond federation were notified of a new synthetic diamond that is unlike any synthetic diamond you know.

It seems according to a study done that these synthetic diamonds should not have been in existence, yet a report released by De Beers in 1981 indicated that these synthetic diamonds were already in existence and these patents were owned by De Beers and General Electric USA. Strangely it turn out that General Electric was working on advanced super conductor technology for the US Military since the  late 70’s . More interesting is the Cuban interest in the same technology. So where did it all begin.

From Africa to Antwerp

What most do not know, is the darker side of these synthetic diamonds and why they have been developed. The diamond industry in South Africa denied the existence of these diamonds in widely documented publications and comments made by the diamond board Chairman Mr Blom in the Mining weekly publication of South Africa (find links below) when faced with the announcement of the world leading forensics firm DiaLab Forensic laboratories that these diamonds poses a threat to the consumers markets with South Africa being one of the largest producers. One cannot help to ask if this was ignorance or denial of the highest order at work ?

In the wake of things it seems that Belgian Federal Police from Antwerp has now jumped on the wagon to investigate these synthetic diamonds as more than a $ 1 million of these diamonds were recently passed to be authentic by some laboratories. A further investigation by World News Tomorrow Limited investigation team consisting of CIA and FBI members showed that these diamonds might have been in the market since 1982 and millions if not billions of dollars of these diamonds were possibly flogged to the global consumer markets. No wonder that officials from Africa turned a blind eye to their sell-of into the markets. After all,  Africa is the world largest producer of diamonds.

What sparks the interest of World News WNT,  are the military applications surrounding these diamonds. In recent years Laser Technologies have reached the capacity to abliminated an object by using a Super Conductor Diamonds in directed energy beams. The new “Star Wars” is finally here it seems with technology such as the so called ‘Death Ray” technology that is supposed to be a myth but yet confirmed by CIA operatives and installed on some US Navy ships such as the one in the photo above.

From Diamonds to Aliens 

World News Tomorrow turned to renowned Global Security Intelligence analyst Ricardo Baretzky the operational Director of the Counter Intelligence Agency Asian Desk for comments. ” Baretzky indicated that this is “Fire at its hottest” and and a subject best left alone by media. He said that the capability far stretched beyond the known factors in public and that there are two sides to the story.

“Suppose we get visited by any foreign alien entity” he said.” Do you think they would be here for water or resources?  For that they could stop on the way at nearby planets for water and minerals so why would they be here ? . If you the public think its for a friendly visit you have to think again? In my opinion they would be here for the planet and not just for water or to say – how do you do ? ” He added ” if these foreign life forms could visit planet earth, then their military and defense capability would be far more advanced than ours and thus laser our ” star wars technology might already be something of the past.” A shocking thought indeed.

President Ronald Reagan announced in his first speech to the United Nations after his election that we might face an interstellar war in the very near future ?  Did he perhaps know something we didn’t ? Was the classification of secret documents perhaps to delay time in order to develop these technologies ?

According to Baron Baretzky, the problem we would face , are if these technologies would be used as war equipment from nation to nations. Then it would be understandable to keep it in a secret classified compartment. So far for now it seems that these synthetic diamonds is not a girl’s best friend after all and further information reveled that they are highly radio active. Yet nothing were done to stop them being sold into the consumer’s market since 1981.

Is this a global crime of the highest order ?

By the Editor exclusive for World News Tomorrow USA

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This article from World News Tomorrow USA (Google ” World News Tomorrow or just “News Tomorrow and you will find over 1.4 billion hits)  , is interesting. It was sent to me by a contact.  Seemingly unrelated however if you read down, you cant help but see a couple key statements regarding General Electric.  It seems the company is involved in a lot more than just Super Conductor Diamonds in directed energy beams. The new “Star Wars” is finally here it seems with technology such as the so called ‘Death Ray” technology that is supposed to be a myth but yet confirmed by CIA operatives and installed on some US Navy ships such as the one in the photo above. Google directed energy beams with the words US navy ships !

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Then where else does it lead? And more importantly, what can be done about it?


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