WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – USA – Moments ago the US federal government decided that it will continue to access Americans’ emails without a warrant. This comes after the U.S. Senate dropped a key amendment to legislation now headed to the White House for approval.

This would mean that anybody who owns a .com domain and host it in the USA emails could be monitored without a warrant. This poses a great problem for Google as all Gmail and Yahoo email holders as your email can now be read a without a warrant and used as any form as excuse to be prosecuted.

The global security threat expert Baron Baretzky, said that this leave room for many abuse as there is no control as to what information can be read and how it could be used.’  “This put internet privacy as a whole at a security threat and will create more problems than solving the once we already have”  he said.

Last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved an amendment attached to the Video Privacy Protection Act Amendments Act of the USA which deals with publishing users’ Netflix information on Facebook pages that would have required federal law enforcement to obtain a warrant before monitoring email or other data stored remotely on a cloud system however it seems more towards an intelligence gathering using illegal methods to obtain information on global citizens from all nations that using Facebook.

The Senate was set to approve the video privacy bill along with the email amendment that would have been applied to a different law namely the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act of the USA..  The senators decided to drop the amendment after being pressurized by the federal intelligence  agency and the FBI arguing that it would allow criminal and terrorist to be knowingly monitored and put special operations at risk.

Currently, the USA  government can collect emails and other cloud data from any citizen in the world without a warrant as long as the content has been stored on a third-party server for 180 days or more that technically is a difficult one to proof as its not easy to prove how long any data were on a computer as most computer dates are n to correctly updated around the world.

US Federal agents need only demonstrate that they have “reasonable grounds to believe” the information would be useful in an investigation what every it may be.

By John Chaplin USA Washington DC

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