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World News Tomorrow – Election News.

With only 7 days left to the elections supporters of both camps are throwing all they can social media to get their favorite to win the elections.

The messages are inconclusive to say the least. On Twitter Hillary Clinton leads the polls but Donald Trump’s leads over Hillary by 1 point. For the first time since May this year Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on the same level.

The email scandal that shook up the elections, because of the letter sent to congress by FBI Director James Comey, did in fact level the playing field as predicted earlier by World News Tomorrow.

According to the Prediction 2016 results from earlier this week where 450 highschool and college students competed in ASA’s Prediction 2016 Hillary Clinton will win the elections with 49,3 procent of the popular vote tot Donald Trump ending at 43,3 percent.

Based mainly on the analyses of nationwide polls the students had to weight them according a variety of factors. One can argue that, despite the fact factors are weighted, a small portion of the weight can certainly be influenced by the overall feeling of who the future people of America want to see as their leader.

As the playing field is currently at balance, we will have to wait for the Election Day results who is going to the next American President.

By the Editor in Chief