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In the latest debate between the two presidential running mates,  both gave a serious punchy debate.

Senator Tim Kaine went full in the attack stating Donald Trump breaking his promise about releasing the unpaid taxes.

Donald Trump declared last week that avoiding taxes makes him “Smart” and with that statement he becomes a true genius in the eyes of his followers.

According to a recent study Donald Trump’s tax avoiding strategies a looking pale in comparison with many of the Fortune 500 companies. Many of them keeping billions of $ offshore of which the taxes will never be paid to the US.

Apple’s recent $ 14,5 billion tax bill from the European Union is an good example how companies tend to keep money offshore.

According to Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, there is no wrong doing here and it’s just a question of doing smart business. Despite all allegations against presidential candidate Donald Trump, many people in the US find the tax system overly complex. Small businesses are definitely looking for ways to easy their tax pain and will be likely to largely support Trump’s campaign.

Facts however may tell a different story and despite the great performance of Mike Pence on Donald Trump’s behalf during the debate on Tuesday the 5th of October, there is a lot being said by Mr. Trump that seemed conveniently ignored.

The question here is whether the voters will actually be interested in the truth or is it more convenient to live the tale and dream of the success of presidential candidate Donald Trump?

Slowly the stability of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and steady course holds a promise for the future that could well serve the US and the rest of the world. She is determined to be there for her country and for the people. The lack of issues, like those surrounding Donald Trump’s campaign, may not be attractive to media but should start to matter to the voters.
The world of chaos surrounding us is in need of stability and steadiness. But will voters realize this when they finally choose their president?

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