WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – Breaking News. – The suggestion of the EU to impose sanctions could hurt the EU economy even further and possibly bring it to a halt. This is according to experts, both from the economical and security industry. According to the European Centre for Information Policy and Security the imposing of sanctions would bring about more tension and could have catastrophic results in the EU due to the Oil & gas relation with Russia. About 42% of Europe’s oil comes from Russia and putting pressure on Vladimir Putin might not be the right thing.

Europe is already under tremendous strain, and faces a financial collapse under the present growing economical conditions. It is said, that should EU implement sanctions, then oil could raise as much as $200 per barrel and this could spark unprecedented results within the EU’s economical affairs. Russia could very possibly close the supply  of both oil and gas to the EU, and re-route it via Africa or the Brick Nations. Imagine the consequences this would have on both EU and US economy ?

Are we ready for such change and  could it reach pre 1937 depression stages? Some say yes, and some say it could be much worse than the 1937 depression.  The President of ECIPS Ricardo Baretzky said that this is no time to play and have hard talks about it. He said that the threat of an EU economical collapse is a very real threat and EU is far from the reality and needs reviewing their policies to avoid this potential threat that could spark out of control.

He said the solution is to debate the merits and reach consensus before it is too late. The issue about whom controls the “Black Sea” has been dating back for generations and it is no surprise that Russia might be staging to protect their interest. The cold war is certainly alive and we can see the footprint of this in the strategic approach of Putin.

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow by James Lee USA.

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