WORLD NEWS TOMORROW UK: It seems that PM Theresa May means business with her selection of the new cabinet chosen by the hour. Sending Morgan to the underground and ordering a “Cab for Gove”.

Among those who left the posts are Nicky Morgan, former education secretary and Minister for Women & Equalities.  Michael Gove, the justice secretary and John Whittingdale who left his post as culture secretary at the same time.

This hastiness created shock waves in central London as few expected such huge changes after the Brexit of last month. A further shock wave was sent through to the international community when it was announced that the notorious Boris Johnson will take the post as foreign secretary, appointed by the new prime minister Theresa May.

Political adversaries were set to find solutions for the huge problems Great Britain was facing and the Referendum became their battlefield. Work immigrants being a big emotional cause for many of the British people to vote in favour of the Brexit, as Polish had become the second language in Wales and England. The refugee masses flooding Europe and threatening the UK caused tensions to rise even more. Problems for which the European partners were struggling to find proper solutions. The Brexit became imminent.

Does the Brexit means a weakening of the European Union and will this result in a security breach for the remaining EU partners? Will we see a Nexit and a Frexit as a result or will all calm down to business as usual? President Obama has expressed his concerns during the recent NATO Top in Warschau. The United kingdom will remain a full partner at the NATO table. But according to President Obama the Brexit represents a huge security weakening of the European Union. Clearly remarking the fact that many European scenario’s exist where pressing the US doorbell will not result in help it now also means the UK door will remain closed. It is likely now the British cabinet will have their hands full in resolving their internal challenges.

Although the UK is still an important military and nuclear partner in NATO related matters, it is up to Germany and France to step up to watch over European’s security now.
Will the United Kingdom remain United, now facing internal problems of their own? Sinn Fein, Northern Ireland’s oldest political party, has renewed their wishes to unite North and South Ireland. Northern Ireland, heavily subsidized by Brussels before, is no longer part of the European Union. Who will they rely on to solve their new status? “The Troubles” from the past may not likely arise but it means a great deal of care from the British government to prevent this to become a new border conflict in the future. And what about Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands? In the heat of the moment the Spanish foreign minister declares the chance of a Spanish flag waving over Gibraltar again has never been this close. Rhetoric that may not be expected in this age but, according to many outside the UK, so is a Brexit.

Will the United Kingdom be able to solve these complex matters or will the instability of Europe drive the UK partners to remain unified? The results of the referendum in Scotland, in contrary to Wales and Northern Ireland, show no wish to leave the EU. Creating new problems that need solving like the nucleair submarines that are stationed in Scotland.

With Europe facing the daunting task in preventing a Nexit and Frexit in a near future, Brussels may find themselves carefully analyzing the issues that resulted in a Brexit. Precious knowledge that may help them prevent future exits and with that destabilization of the European Union.

By the Editor in Chief

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