At least 80 dead and more than 1000 wounded as a military group attempted a coup in Ankara – Turkey last night. Turkish Military is now busy cleaning up the mess and have replaced 5 generals and over 20 Colonels. Nearly 1.600 soldiers have been apprehended and thrown in jail.

Around 21h00 local time, a group Turkish military started their coup using tanks and vehicles, occupying strategic points in Ankara.

The National TV station was brought to silence broadcasting only the weather report. What followed was a night with very different news on the event. the Parliament building was bombed and video footage showed tanks in the streets and military occupying the Bosporus bridge.

President Erdogan was in the presidential palace during the coup attempt. Several sources indicated he was safe and protected.

This morning, after it became clear that the coup failed and hostages were freed. The military responsible for the coup gave up their fight. Taking off their clothes and laying on the ground to surrender.

Turkey is one of the biggest NATO allies and the events in Turkey last night will affect all in Europe. It is unclear how this will affect the relationship between NATO and Turkey and we can only speculate at this point in time.

According to President Erdogan, his former friend Fethullah Gülen was behind this coupe.
At least for now the city of Ankara comes to rest and slowly on life goes back to normal again.

By the Editor in Chief

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