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President candidate Donald Trump is fully steamed up as he reacted on Hillary Clinton’s statement that Trump is a racist. When throwing dirt at each another we can seriously wonder what the presidential elections in the US are actually about. How presidential is it to find out each other’s weaknesses and show the people of your country how to deal with people you don’t agree with?

The media is enjoying the latest payback talk from Donald Trump in Florida stating it would be “embarrassing to loose from Hillary Clinton”. Many of Trumps quotes are leading to debates and makes experts investigate the right or wrong of those comments.

The question raising to mind is: “What’s an election for presidency about?” Can we deduct from any of the “dirt” statements from any of the presidential candidates whether or not he or she would become a good or bad president? As for most “voters” this won’t matter when finally, after the elections the country goes back to business as usual. As a voter you wish to understand what it is you will get out of it after the elections are finished and you are left with one of the candidates as your president.

So, what will be left of any of those statements once the elections are won by either of the candidates? Will these lead to better presidency andbetter decisions or will go down the history books to illuminate who the best showmen or -women was and who found the dirtiest dirt to throw with.

What example do presidential candidates give to “the people” when showing them it is “ok” to blow up other candidate mistakes out of proportions in order to win elections for themselves? The only time where both candidates seem to say the same thing is when something awful happens. But it looks like none of this matter and the tactics of Donald Trump seem to work from a media perspective. Look for “Trump Quotes” on Google and you’ll find Trump’s enemies quoting the“outrageous things Donald Trump has said”. Rather then supporting their candidate we see people reacting on the “outrageousness” of these quotes. Filling up every space on the internet, newspapers and media, Donald Trump does not waste any options to grab away precious media attention from his opponent Hillary Clinton.

The political tactics of Hillary Clinton do not seem to have an answer to these cannonades of her opponent. She does care about the consequences of what she says and Trump simply doesn’t. At least so it seems. This lack of a tactical answer from Hillary Clinton can be explained different ways. Either she can’t or doesn’t want to match Donald Trump’s campaign tactics and therefore might seem a weaker candidate or her tactics are more focused on wanting to get the message across of what she wants to achieve for the US when she wins the elections to become president. Every response towards Donald Trump that includes dirt, comes back to here 10 times worse, true or not. Will Hillary Clinton find a way of dealing with Donald Trump before the elections ends and claim back the precious media and internet space she needs or is it too late already?

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