WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – London- Africa Security & Counter-terrorism: The recent energy boom in Africa has been one of the main contributors to a huge increase in military spending in the region. International defence companies have, consequently, begun targeting Africa markets, as the US and European defence markets suffer from drastic spending companies.

According to UPI, the current hot spots are the Horn of Africa, the oil-rich Mediterranean belt and the Sahel region in the North. Former Zimbabwean Army Officer, Col. Joseph Sibanda, singled out Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya as the key areas to focus on. The recent spate of terrorist attacks in countries such as Kenya and Nigeria illustrate the need for a discussion of the latest strategies and technologies to combat security issues and terrorism, and have encouraged countries such as Ghana to adopt a more vigorous stance against security issues.

It has long been argued that instability hinders Africa’s continued successful development. Civil war, terrorism and state collapse are rarely confined to state borders. Somalia’s security problems often catch neighbouring Uganda, Ethiopia andKenya in “a complex political game of containment and unresolved history.”World News Tomorrow

It is clear that security issues and terrorism can only be fought when tackled on several fronts, using the latest technology, strategies and solutions. The Africa Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit is taking place on the 27th& 28th February at the Lancaster Hotel in London, UK.  The conference will cover the latest strategies, solutions and technologies in the security and counter-terrorism sectors, bringing together the key decision makers from across Africa; including Ministers of Defence from across Africa, Ministers of the Interior, Police Commissioners, Military & Navy personnel, border agency representatives, heads of airport security and many other key industry figures from across Africa and the globe.

The multi-streamed Summit will address the sector’s most topical issues such as Africa in the Global Security Context; The Threat Posed by Religious Extremist Groups; The Current State of Piracy and Counter-Piracy Response in East Africa; Military Communications Technology Overview and the Protection of Oil and Gas Pipelines in Africa.

Key note speakers include:  CHILIKA SIMFUKWE, Head of Regional Bureau INTERPOL; H.E. Uladi Mussa, Minister,  Ministry Of  Home Affairs, Internal Affairs and Public Security, Malawi; Deputy Minister, Ministry of Defence, Ghana; Rear Admiral Geoffery Biekro, Chief Of Naval Staff, Ghana;Issac Magagula, National Commissioner, Royal Swaziland Police;Senior Representative, Ministry of Defence, Uganda; and Ricardo (Baron) Baretzky, President, The European Centre For Information Policy and Security (ECIPS).

Delegates will also have the chance to attend a networking evening, and interactive exhibition, all in the comfort of the five-star venue in London. A business matchmaking service will also be on offer to arrange one-on-one meetings between delegates.

To register of for further information on the Africa Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit 2014 on 27-28February in London, please contact: charlotte(at)oliverkinross(dot)com.



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