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World News Tomorrow – European Refugee news.

As the last migrant children are leaving the demolished refugee camp “Calais Jungle”, the Calais inhabitants have doubts about the future.

The Children who have been living in containers in the hope to get to the UK are not shipped to reception centers across France.

The French President Francois Hollande has stated a reinstallation of migrants in Calais will not happen again”. He made this statement at the opening of the Mesopotamia exposition at the Louvre-Lens Museum located in Lens, Pas-De-Calais.

Ever since October 2015 over 13.000 migrants have been redirected out of Calais to the French orientation centers (CAO)

Around 1.500 children remain in a temporary center (CAP) where each case will be examined by both the British and French authorities. Those children that are not taken into the UK will remain in France and taken care of by the French Social Children’s Aid system.

According to the French President “There will be no more migrant children in the next coming days”

New border control measures have been set in place and according to the French President this already led to deny access to over 49.000 applicants

By Editor in Chief