WORLD NEWS TOMORROW– LONDON- The President of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) said its good that the UN responded to  the call of the ECIPS to consider peace talks with North Korea, but it might already be too late. He said that North Korea is like the Yellowstone Volcano, “we know the volcano is going to erupt, the question is when” ?

The growing tension with North Korea’s call for embassies to  leave the North Korean territory has certainly sent the worst signals yet since 1950, he said. Baretzky also indicated that North Korea might be pulling strings to see how the rest of the world reacts to its puppet play. He said the constant response from western countries shows a weakness in response and this could lead to unwanted results.

He urged global leaders to meet and find consensus, Baretzky also indicated that North Korea will not sleep till it regained its territory taken from them during the 1950 Korean War. He said: “When this volcano erupts it could be catastrophic for our society as a whole,  and possibly could leave scars that will take generations to heel, and this is, if we survive such a “Volcanic Explosion“.

He said, it’s time for countries to realize that the era of “The Big Bully” is over and we cannot dictate others what to do. We live in an age of free information and development and thus any nation would want to exercise its global rights to individual development.  Suppressing such Independent development with imperialism is not the answer to global peace and defeats the goals of the United Nations to create global peace in a society, so vulnerable as it is finds itself in today.

Exclusively for world news tomorrow  by James Lee


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