WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – London –  The President of European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS), Baron Baretzky said on Friday after a plenary session that it’s time for South Korea and supported allies of the South Korean peninsula to pay attention and not to underestimate the threat that North Korea poses to the rest of the world. This comes after a mass demonstration in North Korean support to Kim Jong-un to consolidate war against U.S.A

The ECIPS President Baron Baretzky indicated that any further aggravation from  North Korea will spark unprecedented results and could dump the rest of the world into destabilization with global consequences.  He urged global leaders to call for peace negotiations  and said that world peace is necessary to our economical problems ahead.

He also stated that unless a global joint effort is made to sustain world order and peace there is no future for our young, and that we must not forget the original purpose of the United Nations resolution drafted for global sustainability of peace. Constant global terror aggregation won’t solve any of our economical problems he said,  and war should be used as a last resort when global peace is threatened to the extend that it has no  other choice.

North Korea have recently expanded its propaganda to invade South Korea and few have been able to do anything about the constant terror threats from North Korea against South Korea. South Korea presently  hosts 36 000 American troopers and families at present.

For World News Tomorrow exclusive by James Lee.

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