WORLD NEWS TOMORROW: London Reports: The President of the ECIPS announced today that  the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) has dismissed more than half of its advisory council members around the world today.

This comes after the President of ECIPS was asked to speak at a Counter Terrorism Congress in London and it was alleged that some of the advisory committee members were directly involved in side stepping the President of the ECIPS to appear at the Counter Terrorism Congress 2015. Counter Terror Expo

The ECIPS has subsequently launched an full scale international investigation led by the office of the Vice- President of  ECIPS, Dott Luigi Gallina,  It is unclear as to why the  sudden move, but during an interview with the President of  ECIPS Mr. Ricardo Baretzky, he said that there is a lot of politics behind ECIPS and that some is not in favor of his views that justice and law should remain law and justice, not political correctness in the interest of politics.

He said that those who tried to side step the ECIPS, should be aware that undermining the position of  ECIPS could be a huge error in future,  particularly for those who think they are correct and can be considered corrupt officials.

The ECIPS information desk  said that it will from now on scrutinize much more carefully who is in the advisory committee members council, and its clear,  that some might think this to be a game, however, it emphasized that the ECIPS is a non-aligned organization and will not get swayed, nor stand involved with political disputes and issues of any kind.

The ECIPS was the first organization to announce during the African counter terrorism summit 2014, that research indicated that European security was to become effected  and that cyber warfare and terrorisms were to increase during 2015.

The threat assessment seems to be correct and the recent terrorist attacks on news paper Charlie Hebdo,  proofs just that that the warning signs were not taken seriously by some politicians during the 2014 African Counter Terrorism Summit held in London.

The ECIPS has been established during 2012 by voluntary members of the CI and law-enforcement community and, has since its establishment gained no profits from any research nor advise.  It says that  the European dream is based on “Safety and Security for all’, not bling – bling and money for all in the name of who gets what.

By Kevin Brenan


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