WORLD NEWS TOMORROW BRUXELLES REPORTS – The President of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS)  Mr. Ricardo Baretzky  called for a global action on War Crimes today in an open conference held in Bruxelles. This comes after hundreds of innocent children were killed in the last year in hostile places such as Syria, Ukraine and now in Gaza.

The President said that, an “International Ban” on the sales of all weapons to any country that contradicts and violates any human rights to civil protections, should be called upon as a  top priority by the UN to avoid further bloodshed of civilians in conflict zones.

He said, that the lack of a strong EU and a weak UN shows critical restructuring of the political powerhouse that sends the wrong signals. Baretzky warned that the same atrocity against the human life could spread to other countries and sends a message that it is ok to kill children and civilians.

“The drafting of any new UN resolution can have no affect, if not enforced by the rules of ethics, moral and civil laws”, he said. The President of the ECIPS urged Mr.Ban Ki- Moon, the Secretary General of the UN to take his responsibility for the lack of acting sooner and said that the UN has an obligation to act sooner than later to avoid human rights abuse and civilian loss.

In total, more than 100,000 children lost their lives in last year in these three conflict zones. The recent abduction of girls in Nigeria is not to be dismissed or excluded, the President added. Baretzky warned that the media has a strong role to play in perpetuating these kinds of crime.

He said that we can’t speak about justice and moral values if they are not  valued and enforced. According to the ECIPS, these independent war zones could easily spread to a global war zones and is a growing risk for all global stability at present. Baretzky said that the media should promote peace and prosperity, however at present seems to profit from the concept that people listen to news on conflict and war.  This is presently resulting into the public expressing their feelings and interest on social media that could begin new dimensions in the perpetual reaction in these war zones.

The President of ECIPS said that, these unethical war-time behavior of politicians will breed a “New Kind of Human” that will become war-hungry and blood-thirsty and that it will come at a price greater than the Hitler Revolution if not acted upon now !. It is the time for leaders to re-think their “Logic used” when approaching the growing unrest in our world of today to avoid a future global conflict that will serve nobody any good at present, Baretzky said.

By  Sandy Jones- Reporter for ECIPS Bruxelles.

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