WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – LONDON.- A new security vulnerability study of Southern African regions done by the  European Centre for Information Policy and Security  (ECIPS) found that Terrorist activities in the Southern part of Africa is likely to increase its footprint. The European Centre for Information Policy and Security – ECIPS–  said Friday that this poses a risk factor for several western countries in particular for the European Union  and the Unites states.

The ECIPS (European Centre for Information Policy and Security) indicated that they would like to see if the upcoming Bricks event in South Africa would address any, if any, of these issues, such as terrorism in their backyard ?

Although Terrorism activities are largely playing a role towards the intimidation of western policies, the ECIPS said that the Asian countries such as  China, South Korea and Japan  might in future become at risk due to their high dependence on mineral resources from Africa and that Asian countries are certainly not immune to these risks, some experts said.

The ICSR ( International Centre for the Study of Radicalism ) London,  recently published a report that indicates that al-Qaeda could indeed partake in illicit and unregulated trade in Southern Africa to sustain itself’. There are several indications that the diamond trade is the most venerable to infiltrations of terrorist organization since 1997.

According to some security threat analysts,  the financial stability of Israel and Belgium could be largely effected should these threats not been further addressed by African governments as part of their policy in a global effort in the fighting of terrorism activities.

We must not forget that China is the largest consumer of Diamonds and consumes approximately 62% of the worlds diamonds and therefore these threats should not be undermined by Asian policy makers.

The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) said that there is still time to address these threats and that African countries have to realize that they are just  “Economical Puppets” in a world of terror in this whole affair.

Failing to address these growing international concerns could lead to economical instability in the Southern part of Africa and effect all countries dependent on mineral resources from Africa.

Exclusive For World News Tomorrow By James Lee – Africa  

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