WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – OSSEO, MN– Seventeen-year-old Kevin Curwick, an Osseo High School football team captain, is using Twitter to fight cyber bullies and compliment his classmates, but much to his surprise, now people across the world are returning the favor.

“A nice word can go a long ways,” he said. “We are a society looking for the positive.”Curwick has heard from people from Iowa to Connecticut, and from Australia to England ever since he came forward behind the anonymous Twitter account, @OsseoNiceThings.

He created the “nice” Twitter account to lift spirits of classmates that had been bullied on another Twitter page, but remained anonymous when tweeting things like “great artist but even better friend”, “Osseo’s rawest rapper”, and “puts others before herself.”

When he decided to publicly come forward after an inquiry from KARE 11, he never realized he had started some sort of movement. Similar “nice” pages have been created now all around the Twin Cities and the country.”It’s become Minnesota Nice, you know? I feel like that is what we are spreading,” he said.

Curwick has received congratulatory tweets from teachers, politicians, and potential colleges. Then, when he became a headline on the Huffington Post, celebrities caught on.”I got to have a phone interview with Ryan Seacrest, that was an awesome experience,” he said.

Curwick even got a tweet from a swimsuit supermodel.”I was telling all the guys today, Brooklyn Decker is following @OsseoNiceThings,” he said, in disbelief.Curwick is still quick to shy from the spotlight, focusing on a mission other students believe has already changed the school.

“It only takes one person to start something, and that’s Kevin,” said senior Magen Nivison. “It’s boosting people’s confidence and everything. Honestly, one of my best friends got bashed and then he turned around and posted something amazingly true.”

Curwick admits he’s not a star player on the Osseo Football team, but search the @OsseoNiceThings page and see the senior captain does stand out, scoring legions of fans for boldly creating a world wide web of kindness.”It’s sticking as an action not as a newsflash,” he said.

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