WORLD NEWS TOMORROW –  Syrian security forces have again entered Iraqi skies to bombard rebel positions along the Iraqi-Syrian border, following a Free Syrian Army attack, an Al Arabiya correspondent reported on Sunday. The bombardment took place after an attack by FSA members against the Syrian military base in Abu Kamal, an eastern city on the Euphrates River, bordering Iraq.

An Al Arabiya correspondent on the scene also reported that around 33 people were killed after the Syrian forces hit a residential building in the eastern city.The Sunday action was not the first time that Syria has been alleged to violate Iraqi air space. Twice last month, Iraq said that Syrian Mig jets were spotted over Husaiba, an Iraqi town bordering Abu Kamal.

In late July, the Iraqi army shut its border crossing to Syria with concrete blocks, after opposition fighters seizing control of the Syrian bordering area.With the threat of the conflict spilling across its borders, Iraq, like Syria’s ally Iran, has criticized the idea of international intervention in its neighbor, saying the move will jeopardize the region’s security by creating a hotbed for more extremists to thrive in.

Meanwhile, Walid al-Muaalim, deputy head of Syria’s Ministerial Council, said that Syria welcomed Iraq’s proposal to form a contact group made of countries from the Non-Aligned Movement to try to solve the Syrian dilemma, the Syrian state SANA news agency reported on Saturday.

After meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, he said “talks [with Maliki] discussed the importance to consolidate Iraqi-Syria good relations as well as Iraq’s proposal for form a contact group made from NAM countries.”