DIAMOND NEWS ON WORLD NEWS – BREAKING NEWS –  Just a few years ago, DiaLab South Africa announced that synthetic diamonds are entering the diamond markets in staggering numbers and that this poses a threat to the diamond industry on global scale. Sadly this call was ignored, and now three years later, it seems that at that the CEO at the time, Baron Baretzky was indeed correct.

Recently RapLab, a Rapaport Group company announced  that  they are now also offering synthetic diamond detection services to the diamond trade using  DiamondSure® and DiamondView® technology developed by De Beers.What few knows, are that these instruments could be inadequate to do the job and the reasons are clear and simple as it states in the Manuel of the DiamondSure itself in  paragraph  and “ .

Paragraph “ ‘Pass – The stone under test is a natural diamond ” and PASS (check with thermal pen) the stone in test is a natural diamond if it gives  diamond response when tested with a thermal pen ” Here is the problems with this test.

The Diamondsure were developed before some synthetics have even seen the markets such as CVD, PECVD,  LPCVD. Thus, how can the gemological instrument detected synthetics if does not know exists ?  More importantly,  is that the “Thermal Pen” referred to in clause of the printed manual of the  DiamondSure® has been used for more than 30 years in the diamond and gemological industry.

It was the insufficient capability of this so called “Thermal Pen”  to detect synthetic diamonds such as the HPHT, CVD, PECVD AND LPCVD that lead to this epidemic in the first place. What is most important to know, is  that no ” Diamond Thermal Pen ”  can tell the difference between any natural and a synthetic diamond.

The reinvention of the loophole seems to be key and then one can only wonder, how deep the synthetics tretches and who is in charge ? The question now should be asked, why did Mr. Ernest Blom ,President, World Federation of Diamond Bourses, Chairman: Diamond Foundation of SA; Chairman: Diamond Bourse of SA; Chairman: Rough Diamond Dealers Association of SA; Member: Diamond Dealers Club of SA and owner the Ernest Blom Diamond Cutting Works according to Who’s Who in South Africa denied publicly in a interview during 2010 that synthetics poses no problem nor threat to the diamond industry. He further said at the time that “only 36 synthetics  are discovered worldwide on an annual bases” in what is known to be a multimillion dollar fraud business.

Did the diamond industry failed  to see the truth or was it simply a case of,  Mr. Hide and Seek ?- Some intelligence analysts said that this synthetics are a real threat, both for the industry but also on security, and warned that should synthetic diamonds enter the terrorist supply chain of weapons, that ultimately, it could lead to the end of the diamond industry as we know it.

Perhaps it’s time to keep some responsible for not taking this warning serious when the former CEO of DiaLab, Baron Baretzky called for action and were blindly silenced in the interested of political correctness that served some pockets with gold.

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Kevin Brenan for World News Tomorrow

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