World News South Africa Johannesburg – This comes after Standard Bank South Africa repossessed and properly failing to tell the ruling judge that the property repossessed had a construction defect and was settled out of court two years prior by the bank in which they failed to pay the outstanding bank amount under the insurance of the property.

The Standard Bank Insurance division confirmed yesterday that thy indeed paid the sum of R341 000 Standard Bank Insurance Claim ref# 12/039684 for structural damages due to clay movements in foundations of Rhuss street 34 Cape Town Date 20th June 2012. Engineering and technical claim Adjusters acted on the Bank’s behalf and would not comment to world news.

Further, it was confirmed by a professor, name not to be disclosed from the Wits University whom were the site inspector at the time. According to reports in the former owners possession it clearly indicates that the house was unsafe to live in and has a risk of collapse. The technical aspect is very thorough and there is no doubt that Standard Bank failed to inform the judge that the property was fully insured and defective declared by their own experts.

This led to the question what corruption was behind not to pay the full insurance amount back to the lawful owners of the property Baron and Baroness Baretzky.

What further becomes disturbing is that the notorious Standard Bank proceeded to claim the property and sold it on auction without declaring the defects to the new buyers. It’s unclear if the new buyers are aware of it but the renovation clearly indicates that new wooden flooring were put on the floor to hide the opening cracks and moments photographed just days before the renovation.

Essentially the $1 Million Mansion is split into two and poses a security risk for anyone living in it. Crack can be seen on outside on both ends of the property and WNTC was there to check. The former owners said to WNTC reporter, “Don’t you see, Truth always wins, We left the property due to the fact the bank insurance from Standard Bank would not pay in full in order to avoid the problems as it would cost them more pay us the full insurance than to repossess the house and resell it without disclosure. We did what we could to repair the property but we can assure you that the upper floor is not safe to live in Rhus street 34 Gordon’s bay South Africa, Would you just abandon a $1 Million Mansion just like that”

Standard Bank would not comment but did confirm there were a problem with the $1 Million Mansion. Is foreigners safe to buy property in South Africa with over 211 000 white farmers that has been murdered since 2000 we should ask what is wrong in all of this ?

Baretzky is still investigating the bank for links to Terror financing which was much downplayed by the media24 in South Africa known for its bias and pro NAZI publications.