WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – AFRICA: The Counter Intelligence Agency said on friday that several intelligence agent’s G-mail accounts with Google in africa seems to have been deliberately hacked with the possible intent to acquire information from the agents in africa and potentially selling it on to foreign entities as part of the move in war on terror to africa program.

Several Intelligence agencies G-mails were hacked with the help of cable providers in africa last week that coursed haddock in the African intelligence community.It seems that this has triggered several global risk problems when a major player is infiltrating foreign grounds with intent to spy on the backgrounds and families of agents in Africa. This in itself raises questions about who these entities might be that spy on African agencies.

Interesting enough, in a published article on past Friday in the Bulletin of Bruxelles, Belgium, the studies of a cover story said that Belgium seems to be the heart of James Bond agents as it is considered the center for international agents from foreign countries with the highest number of intelligence agents registered with the government.

Baron Baretzky a global security threat analyst said in an interview to World News Tomorrow that this will open a whole new dimension of security threats in africa never seen before. He said it’s common for intelligence agents worldwide to use g-mail accounts with the illusion they won’t be visible however he stressed with new technologies on the markets, this is no longer the case. He said that security threats is on the rise and its could resolve in a new kind of war that he calls the future “Info War of Africa”.

He concluded and said ” It indicates that no special agent in the world is safe, no matter what country or agency they represent and this poses a risk that could be to be life threatening for some.

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow by James Lee Africa