WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – NASA ‘Curiosity’ rover which landed safely on Mars in the project to see whether there had ever been life on the planet has suffered a setback. A meteorological sensor, made in Spain, has broken down after, it thought, it suffered damage in the final stages of landing.

It was made at the Centro de Astrobiología, which is a mixed institute of the CSIC and the National Institute for Aerospatiale Techniques in Spain

Spanish scientist, Javier Gómez Elvira, has held a press conference in the Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and he explained,
‘What we have lost is the capacity to measure the winds from the south of the explorer’. He said another sensor called ‘Rover Environmental Monitoring Station’ has ‘all its original capacity’.

He said they could give us the weather information when it was a sunny day with weak winds, such as Tuesday, and he said that the atmospheric pressure on Mars is 100 times than on the Earth.


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