WORLD NEWS TOMORROW | WNT NEWS SEOUL, South Korea — A prominent South Korean activist for democracy in North Korea, Kim Young-hwan, and three colleagues were expelled Friday from China, where they had been arrested March 29 on charges of “endangering national security.

” Little was known about what the four were doing in northeastern China, but their case galvanized public attention in South Korea because Mr. Kim, 49, was a nationally known student leader in the 1980s who campaigned against the South Korean military strongman Chun Doo-hwan.

In 1991 he traveled to North Korea to meet its leader, Kim Il-sung, after which he became a vocal opponent of the North. Despite denials by South Korea, news media reports persisted that in return for the release, the government has agreed to repatriate a Chinese man who is serving a 10-month prison sentence for throwing firebombs at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

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