WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – Cape Town –  Two years ago a Cape Town  Mr. Dudley Bernicchi, an alledged “Diamond Dealer” shot and killed another unofficial “Diamond” dealer Mr. Ryan Ivaniservic  at point blank inside his office in the Picbel Parkade building in Cape Town, South Africa.

The case were postponed and as usual delayed for any prosecution till last week whereas Mr. Dudley Bernicchi took the stand in the Cape Town Regional Court and said he acted in self defense on November 2, 2011. After all, the dead is not to speak for themselves if a case lay dead for so long ?

Mr.  Dudley Bernicchi were arrested for diamond smuggling in the past of which one of his past arrests were made during operation  2081 by the South African Police.

The notorious Dudley Bernicchi said that  he gave Mr. Ryan Ivaniservic R600 000 in money that Mr. Dudley Bernicchi admitted he borrowed from gangsters for a diamond deal that apparently went sour. Mr Dudley Bernicchi told the court on Monday that he borrowed the R600 000 and had handed him over to Mr. Mark Liftman and the alleged Sexy Boys gang bosses Jerome and Colin Booysen to collect the debt.

Mr. Mark Liftman and the alleged Sexy Boys gang bosses Jerome and Colin Booysen has been publicly exposed last year by Mr. Dan Plato for their alleged  organized crime network in South Africa.

The question remains why Mr. Dudley Bernicchi  handed the depth collection to gang bosses before he shot Mr. Ivaniservic ? Isn’t it already illegal to do that ? Perhaps Mr. Ivaniservic life was already in danger prior to the shooting ? Did the state Intelligence failed to see this ?

South Africa boosted with over 13700 Murder cases last year of which few are solved each year. Let’s hope the state don’t fail to solve these cases and live up to their promises of a crime free South Africa.

Exclusive for World News  Tomorrow by Sami Shobolala

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