WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – JOHANNESBURG South Africa’s president says a dog should not be man’s best friend. President Jacob Zuma made critical remarks about pet care that touch on sensitive race relations in South Africa, which was dominated by whites until apartheid was dismantled almost two decades ago. In South Africa six out of every ten families owns a dog  fro protection due to the high crime rate. For example last year over 500000 women were raped in South Africa.

The media in South Africa cited Zuma as saying in a speech Wednesday that the idea of having a pet is part of “white culture” and that people should focus on family welfare. According to legal experts from “The Hague” international court these kinds and forms of mass incitement public speeches should be prosecuted under international laws and yet according to some experts the United Nations seems to ignoring these speeches till its too late.

The president’s office sought to defend his remarks, saying he was encouraging “the previously oppressed African majority” to uphold its own culture. It also suggested the way in which the comments were reported, rather than the comments themselves, was divisive.

The president’s remarks triggered a flurry of retorts from animal lovers on Twitter and other social media. South Africa is home to over 500 Million cats and dogs. These incitements speeches has course many bloodshed and some predicts there is much more to come. Interesting remarks made a strong connection to the Obama’s, and their pet dog, Bo, in the “White House.”

The backdrop to the dog debate is the legacy of Western colonialism in Africa, as well as the bitter struggle against apartheid in South Africa that culminated in the first democratic elections in 1994. Poverty and economic imbalances remain a source of deep strain in the nation of 50 million.

During his speech to an appreciative crowd in KwaZulu-Natal, Zuma’s home province, the president said people who love dogs more than people have a ” lack of humanity” and that some people are trying in vain to “emulate whiteness,”  The Star news paper reported in South Africa. Mr Zumma reportedly said at the speech : “Even if you apply any kind of lotion and straighten your hair, you will never be white,” .

In a statement, the South African presidency responded with weasel words and said Zuma was trying to “decolonize the African mind post-liberation” and enable people to take pride in their heritage and not feel pressure to adopt customs of minority cultures. Animals can be cared for, was the message, but not at the expense of people. This once more shows how the Black governmental is undermining the situation and responsibility of their public speeches made.

The South African presidency said he gave examples of people loving animals more than other human beings  letting a dog sit in the cab of a truck while a worker has to sit in the back in the rain, or rushing an animal to the veterinarian while ignoring sick relatives or workers but quite honestly, that is not what the recordings of the media says. Is the government simply ignorant to think that what they say is not an media recordings and records.

Viva le Black Africa !

By James Lee Africa exclusive for World News Tomorrow.

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