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World News Tomorrow – Security trends

Exhibitors at the Security Expo 2016 sent unanimously the same message as all are convinced that changes have to be made for people to remain safe.

The Security Expo 2016 was a great success where on the first day it would take people one and a half hour queuing outside in the cold to get in. Once inside you were welcomed by the security crew and personnel to help you on your way.

The majority of the stands had their focus on the different physical security aspects. Like cameras, drones, protective and technological equipment. The intelligent driving force behind cameras is improving rapidly and there is more and more a focus on behaviour and recognition.

Drones are more often being used in security for either specific reconnaissance tasks or for perimeter security. Drone automation and the technology used by drones to detect movement, heat sources and objects is rapidly improving but there is also the fact drones can carry out specific security tasks that involves facial recognition and tracking movements.

One of the highlights at the Security Expo was coming from an organization that you would not expect on a Security Expo named Border Force. It was a nice surprise to see a government organization actively connecting with main stream society and would show what they are about.

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World news tomorrow Border force stand

The passion from the people at the stand, 16 in total, is energising. The stand was a mix of all facets of their work showing how the people in that organization touches every possible item that you can imagine being illegally transported in or out the country.

From humans and animals (dead or alive) to most inventive ways of hiding contraband. Current trend is the use of technologically engineered hiding places in vehicles and trailers.


Three of the officers at the crew created an aircraft simulator which took them three days to build from scrap parts.

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World News Tomorrow The three officers creating the simulator Mike Hurst, Laurence McGraghan & John Isaac.

Proudly some of the officers at the Border Force stand mentioned they were MBE.

Some organizations took the lead in providing fantastic seminars, like the one from S2 Safety &Intelligence Institute. Talking about active shooters they managed to attract one of the largest crowds of over 200 people.

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World News Tomorrow S2 team at their stand

A very unique and playfull technological development is the one from Ovio. Their device would capture a 360 degrees still from a person within minutes. This device, aimed for the High-end market can be used to create perfect total images of people to be used for tracking and comparison. Add a weight scale & modern scanning equipment and it becomes a mighty tool in a security arsenal.

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World News Tomorrow iOvio 360 Imaging technology

But overall the global changes and increased threat levels, especially in Europe raised big concerns. One of the exhibitors said “Things have to change to protect”. There is not enough awareness and not enough money being reserved by governments to have police departments being prepared to deal with Cyber.

Some remarked that in certain countries in Europe the police do not even assist when it concerns cyber crime. Not enough knowledge and funding. The same goes for counter-terrorism practices. How can you expect the private sector to be effective if they cannot be supported properly by their own government?

The overall the Security Expo generated a relaxed experience and a wish for improvement towards safety for the people.

By editor in Chief