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World News Tomorrow – Defense news

Last Thursday the US-Europe missile defense system went live. Much to Russia’s dislike the system was switched on in Romenia. Russia has claimed from the beginning of the project in 2007 that it endangers the national security and claims it alters the balance of nuclear power.

Despite the Russian alegations the U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has repeatedly stated that the system is necessary in order to stay ahead of Iranian’s increasing capabilities.

A second site will be constructed in Poland that will be ready for action in 2018. Russia’s foreign ministry called the U.S. move a mistake and a treaty violation.

This is the second time Russia proclaims the U.S of breaking treaties but Russia terminated agreements on nuclear R&D cooperation, terminated another treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons grade plutonium.

The U.S. and N.A.T.O are reacting on Russia’s increasing threat to the world’s security balance. Russia’s military treaties with China, Syria and Iran seem all signs of Russia’s intent to disrupt the world’s security balance.

Russia is also responsible for the annexation of the Crimea area, their endless bombing of Aleppo and Russia’s mulitiple incursions into Ukrainian territory. Further Russian influence is to be expected in Moldavia now the new elected president has declared it wants to strenghten the ties with Russia.

Russia’s unhappiness over the defensive missile Shield was demonstrated over a year ago when the Russian ambassador to Denmark warned Danmark that Danish warships would become a target if they would join the defensive system.

In April this year Danmark MoD has decided to upgrade one of its Frigates to the BMD Sensor Role and contracted domestic defense systems group Terma to deliver research and advisory support within the BMD.

One could argue this is the cold war all over again. Some news sites do even proclaim these to be early signs of WW3 coming.  Stability in the world is important for keeping peace and we can only hope for stability in the involved country’s remain.

By Editor In Chief