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In an interview with Alexy Pushkov, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the State Duma, he declared not to expect any gifts or special love from Mr. Trump but see him as a president who will defend America’s national interests, a pragmatic politician and a realist.

The surprise victory from Donald Trump did create a sense of triumph in Russia. Although many believe Donald Trump’s presidency is favorable for US-Russia relationship, it does not mean in reality it will all work out as expected.

Many issues currently hanging between these two nations are to be dealt with and this might not be overcome that easily. The Crimea which Russia annexed, its role in Syria and the alleged cyber attacks on Hillary Clintons campaigns.

But Russia believes there are more important issues to deal with first. Nuclear armament in North Korea, climate control and the destabilization in the Middle East.

Donald Trump has today stated in Marrakesh he dismissed climate change and his intentions for the future are to put America first. The US has delivered around $500m of an agreed $3 billion donation to the global climate fund, and under Trump’s administration is very unlikely more money to be given that easy.

The Crimea and Syria are both topics poisoning the relationship between the US and Russia. Mr. Pushkov stated that the fight against Islamic State is the first subject of negotiation in which Russia sees opportunities to grow the ties.

“ISIS is the common enemy and it makes sense to start there.” The Crimea should, according to Mr. Pushkov, not be a subject of international interest at this moment in time.

Donald Trump’s presidency might give hope for Russia’s economy as the US may invoke a less confrontational policy towards Russian sanctions and may unlock new trade and investment possibilities. Is has to be seen if the intentions of Mr. Trump will meet Russia’s expectations.

by Editor in Chief