WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – London- The President of European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS), Baron Baretzky, responded to assertion made by the NGO Transparency International published today in De Standaard, Belgium,  that Belgium is among the worst of corruption in the world.

He said that  Transparency International should first look at their own house and focus on African corruption that by far bypasses the corruption of any European country.

According to Transparency International, the fight against corruption is inadequate in Belgium, according to a NGO’s report published today in De Standaard today. The NGO ranks Belgium in the worst category with “little or no enforcement” when it comes to the “export of corruption”, together with Russia, Chile, Mexico , Japan and fifteen other countries.

The only case since 2009 to lead to concrete information is that of billionaire Patokh Chodie, who was suspected of money laundering in the Tractebel case Transparency International alleged . The President said that corruption is everywhere and that the fact that only one prosecution were made since 2009 does not automatically imply that corruption is worse in Belgium.

In an interview with World News, the President of ECIPS, Baron Baretzky noted that Transparency International should recognize the need for a “Cyber Police” instead of using valuable and precious resources at taxpayers cost, for convenient publications. He said the real crime is not in office, but on the “Worldwide Web” and that it’s time to focus on building the EU corner stones, not to sever it down by negative created perceptions that can’t be substituted.

Belgium has the heights registered tax payers per capacity in the world and surpassingly have only 10 million people unlike the USA that boost with 320 million.

By Kevin Brenan IFJ journalist Exclusive for World News

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