20 APR 2017
RAMSTEIN, Germany – In preparation for STEADFAST ARMOUR 17, NATO’s premier Missile Defence Exercise for 2017, running April 24 to 28, action officers are “burning the midnight oil” using NATO’s latest planning tool Air Command and Control Information System (AirC2IS).

With this integrated planning system NATO has an enhanced capability to plan coordinate and view Missile Defence Designs and display current events pertaining to Missile Defence.

Operators at HQ Allied Air Command and Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) will construct Missile Defence Designs to enable planning, and Operational decision making in support of deployed and simulated forces during the exercise. This tool has the ability to link planners from different locations and to synchronise the display of information to be used at distributed commands. The robust functionality and utility of the system will greatly support the hard efforts of the operators, when they are ‘put through their paces’.

NATO is assigned the task of providing overarching protection to the geographic territory and populations of the 28 member nations. NATO’s Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) capability is purely defensive. This exercise will further demonstrate NATO’s ability to integrate, plan and execute a complex BMD mission in defence of the Alliance.