WORLD NEWS TOMORROW REPORTS: Pope Francis accepts he may be assassinated – but has asked God to make sure it does not hurt him because he’s ‘a real wimp’. Francis said that if fanatics want to kill him, it is ‘God’s will’. The Pontiff said: “Life is in God’s hands. I have said to the Lord, ‘You take care of me. But if it is your will that I die or something happens to me, I ask you only one favour – that it doesn’t hurt. Because I am a real wimp when it comes to physical pain’.”

Some ,when interviewed on the streets believes, said that these words uttered by the Pope need re-evaluation since its more provocative than Gods will.

ISIS has threatened the Pope’s life for months, with the Islamic fanatics accusing him of being the ‘bearer of false truth.’ A bomb plot against him in Manila by Jihadist terrorists Jemaah Islamiyah was reportedly thwarted by the Philippines military in January.
Italian prosecutors have also warned that the Mafia have considered a hit.

But the Pope made light of the threats in an interview with La Carcova News, a home-made tabloid edited by the slum community of Gran Buenos Aires in his native Argentina. Francis also decried the country’s drug traffickers.

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