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Vegetation can detect explosive materials in its water supply. A recent research concluded at MIT confirms this is possible.

This research, financed by Darpa, US military research funder, shows that if you take certain vegetation and feed it with fluorescent nanoparticles, the leaves “wilt” when as a reaction on traces of explosive material in its water supply.

The idea behind this is to harvest bio-material and enhance it as a environmental monitor and distress signaler.

Why plants? According to the research synthetic materials were first used to replicate plant’s transpiration in order to extract water from sub-saturated soils. This process did not entirely succeed as it requires a constant water level.

Plants however are build to withstand weather conditions and build up reserves, swell and shrink according to their needs. Their internal system is also build can pump fluids around.

Add to this some Fluorescent nanoparticles that allow the plant to “Wilt” when it finds traces of explosive material in its water. You end up with “Bomb-detecting Spinach”.

By Editor in Chief