WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – Madagascar – A plague of locusts is devastating Madagascar this week, CNN News reported this Thursday, March 28, 2013. Literally billions of locusts have invaded the poor island nation, eating crops and infesting everything in sight.

Under the headline, “Plague of locusts infests impoverished Madagascar” CNN notes that the locusts may not pose a direct danger to the people of Madagascar, but they will cause severe harm to its citizens by eating their crops and grazing pastures for livestock.
“It’s like you are in a movie, it’s incredible,” said Alexandre Huynh of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, or FAO, from the country’s capital of Antananarivo. “You don’t see anything except locusts. You turn around, there are locusts everywhere.”

If something is not done soon to quell this quite literal plague of locusts, local experts say that the swarming crisis could very well prove deadly to the poor nation, as well over half of the nation is already living in poverty before the insect infestation.According to the report, this year’s locust swarm is the worst in over half a century.

Official talks over possible remedies for the situation include a multi-million dollar plan to mass spray the area in an attempt to save some crops and deter the plague of locusts, but plans are still only in the processing stages at this point, concluded the U.N. spokesman. Hopefully, a solution will be found soon for the people of Madagascar.

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