ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN – WORLD NEWS TOMORROW: On Wednesday, only a few days after a longer-range missile test done in India, it has been informed that the Pakistan has  test-launched a medium range ballistic missile which can carry a nuclear warhead. It was also informed by Pakistani Military that they have successfully launched the Shaheen-1 missile’s improved version having aimed at the sea as an impact point.With Lt. Gen. Khalid Ahmed Kidwai as a head of the Military’s stragetic plans division in charge, this new version of missile will strengthen nation’s deterrence abilities.

In meantime, India has informed last week that their new longest range nuclear capable missile can travel more than 3100 miles.Besides the knowledge of Pakistani’s previous Shaheen-1 missile’s capability of hitting a target about 403 miles away test done in 2010, they have not yet provided the details of the new version of the missile.Earlier this month, first time in past 7 years Pakistani president, Asif Ali Zardari made a private trip to India to meet with India’s prime minister, Manmohan Singh.

This indicated a improved relationship between two nations even though there still lies a deep distrust and animosity within due to the historical facts that they have fought 3 wars, particularly over the Himalayan territory of the Kashimir.In 2004, the two nations have agreed to negotiate that covers 8 issue, namely, the issues about the Kashimir, terrorism, also about the Indian border of the river dam which was concerning issue for water supplies in Pakistan.

But the series of the government talks has been suspended after the terrorist attack in 2008 on Mumbai leaving more than 160 people dead.India believed the pakistani group were behind the attack.In 2011, the two nations resumed talks again.However, the possession of the nuclear weapons in both countries adds tensions and nuclear conflicts.

This provincial exchange of nuclear weapons exchange could eventually leads to worldwide starvation driving in China, USA and other nation’s food production leaving billions of people facing a starvation.

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow by  S Lee

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