WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – KOREA- South Korea said that North Korea has fired three short-range guided missiles into its eastern waters. Pyongyang routinely test-launches such missiles. Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok says the North fired two missiles Saturday morning and another in the afternoon.

South Korea’s defence ministry commented that the purpose of the launches are unknown. The ROK ministry would not speculate whether Saturday’s launches were part of a test or training exercise. “North Korea fired short-range guided missiles twice in the morning and once in the afternoon off its east coast,” an official at the South Korean Ministry of Defence spokesman’s office said by telephone.

In March, North Korea tested two short-range missiles off its east coast. U.S. officials say North Korea recently withdrew two mid-range missiles believed to be capable of reaching Guam after moving them to the east coast earlier this year. The launches of short-range missiles come amid signs of diplomacy after weeks of warlike threats from North Korea.

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