WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – NASA : Astronomers have always believed our galaxy may collide with its cosmic neighbor Andromeda . Now the doomsday scenario has been confirmed. NASA has spent years tracking the direction of the Andromeda galaxy through its Hubble Space telescope or, has it ?  The NASA space agency confirmed its precise observations to remove any and all doubt that it is destined to collide and merge with the Milky Way it said.

But there is little point in panicking yet, as the predicted “BIG”  crash will not happen for another four billion years or would it ?  And after the two finally meet it will then take another two billion years for them to completely merge under the tug of gravity and reshape into a single elliptical galaxy similar to the kind commonly seen in the local universe NASA’s spokes person said. The stars inside the galaxies will not collide, however, according to NASA they will be tumbled into different orbits around the new galactic centre. Now we should all ask whats the truth in this or is there any truth in this ?

Scientists have estimated that Andromeda, also known as M31, is moving towards our galaxy at a speed of 250,000 miles (402,000kms) per hour. That is the same speed as it would take to travel from Earth to the Moon in an hour.  Andromeda, which is currently 2.5 million light years away, was first spotted as  little cloud by the Persian astronomer Abd al Rahman al Sufi in 964. For more than 100 years scientists have been trying to discover what direction of movement the galaxy was taking, and repeated observations over a five-to-seven year period from the Hubble telescope have finally allowed them to determine its course.

Gurtina Besla of Columbia University in New York said that it predicts that in the worst-case scenario simulation, M31 slams into the Milky Way head-on and the stars are all scattered into different orbits. The stellar populations of both galaxies are jostled, and the Milky Way loses its flattened pancake shape with most of the stars on nearly circular orbits.  The galaxies’ cores merge, and the stars settle into randomized orbits to create an elliptical-shaped galaxy.

Now this is something we should all be teething about, Do we survive ?