World News Tomorrow Igor Dodon

World News Tomorrow – Election News.

Moldavia has chosen its new president, the Pro-Russian Igor Dodon. With 55% of the votes in his favor he leaves his pro-European rival Maia Sandu behind and claims the title of President of Moldavia.

According to experts, the loss of trust in Europe after a bank fraud in 2014 has resulted in people losing faith in Europe and led to his victory. With a promise to renew ties with Russia, Igor Dodon has secured his position.

The loss of trust goes back to the bank fraud of 2014 where 1 Billion Dollar disappeared from three banks. The scandal became politically sensitive as it involved a number of prominent politicians and business people.

The result is that people lose faith in their politicians and the system. Now Igor Dodon has won it is time to fulfill promises. Getting closer to Russia is a daunting task as the majority in parliament is pro-European and his party of socialists need that majority for the necessary changes.

A second struggle is the dependency of the EU and the IMF to support the bankruptcy of the three Moldavian banks in 2015 after the theft of 1 billion dollars in 2014.

By Editor in Chief