WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – MASSACRE monster Anders Breivik grinned as judges jailed him for 21 years for taking the lives of 77 people.Breivik, who admitted the killings, was declared sane by the court – and told he must serve a minimum of only ten years.

The 21-year sentence is the maximum term that can be imposed in Norway but officials can prevent his release indefinitely and are expected to do so if he still poses a threat.  Breivik, 33, flashed a clenched-fist salute as he appeared in Oslo District Court to receive his judgment and smiled as it was read aloud.

Was Anders Breivik a MK Ultra project of the CIA ?

Wearing a dark suit and sporting a thin beard, the killer smirked as he walked in to the court room and raised his fist. Breivik, blew up the Oslo government headquarters with a fertiliser bomb, killing eight, before gunning down 69 at a summer youth camp.  Breivik had rejected prosecutors’ arguments that he was mad, and had said he would appeal if he were ruled insane.

Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen said: “In a unanimous decision … the court sentences the defendant to 21 years of preventive detention.”   If Breivik had been declared insane he could have been detained for life in a mental hospital.He will be kept in isolation inside Ila Prison on the outskirts of Oslo inside relatively spacious quarters that include a separate exercise room, a computer and a television.

People of the world wake up ! He murdered 77 people.  Whats going on here in Norwegian ? What is the Norwegian court hiding?

Criminal guilt was never an issue as Breivik acknowledged and described in horrific detail his murders.  He told the court that he did not recognize their authority as he pleaded not guilty to the massacre in Norway last July. He admitted he was behind the twin terror attacks but said that he carried them out in SELF-DEFENCE. His 10-week trial focused on his sanity, with prosecutors arguing he should be declared insane and held in a mental hospital, not jail.

Throughout proceedings he showed no emotion when the chilling details of his 77 victims’ horrific injuries and deaths were read out. The court heard the racist maniac was a vain metrosexual who used make-up and modeled himself on David Beckham.

What is the Norwegian court hiding?