WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – Worried about radiation in the food you eat or the objects around you? Soon, you’ll be able to test your environment for different levels of radiation, and other adverse conditions, with an iPhone accessory and application by Lapka. They’re calling it “your personal environmental monitor,” and it will be able to measure factors such as radiation, humidity, and electromagnetism.

Lapka will use a number of different “blocks,” each with different sensors embedded inside, to measure unique environmental levels. The organic detector block looks for significant quantities of nitrates in food and water, signs of synthetic fertilizer usage, and can thus determine the legitimacy of the “organic” section of your local supermarket.

The radiation block serves as a personal Geiger counter, detecting radiation levels and returning helpful information, including how this radiation may be affecting you. The EMF and humidity block can help you explore the world around you, sensing fields usually invisible to humans or finding the ideal comfort level.

The public release of Lapka is slotted for November, according to The Verge, and will most likely cost $220. Hitting the shelves just in time for the holidays, this may be the perfect gift for the new parent or concerned citizen closest to you.

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