World news UN Geneva Reports – PRESIDENT OF ECIPS Ricardo Baretzky delivers a Keynote speech at Palais des Nations, United Nations Room 26 in Lawsuit for Child Victims of Terrorism held by International Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism.

At the opening, Baretzky expressed the grave concerns in the raising subject of seeking Justice in fundamental rights, for child whom has become victims of Terrorism, War, and, not forgetting, those who fall prey to be victim of Human Trafficking, as recently indicated in several reports from several agencies, and other institutions.

He emphasized the needs to focus on pragmatic solutions and pragmatic aid with focused vision, and emotional support when warned that ignoring the latter will breed a new form of terrorist arising from the victims of terror itself.

The Chairman of the Council meeting, Dr. Ali Salami, head of the International Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism stressed that the participation of all actors needs to be relevant and accountability should be equal to all involvement parties adding to any form of terror.

Attention was given to the UN resolution 62/71, “Measures to eliminate international terrorism (agenda item 99),” from 1972 which clearly needs action and the late reaction during 6th March 2008 in order to fulfill that mandate came more than 30 years too late for many Victims of the Terror Genocide as he Described the unfolding wars and terror attacks in this world of today.

“No more terror please No more terror, Please stop Terror” one testimonial of Terror Victim cried during her speech.

As part of the General Meeting the proposal in accountability in the legal obligations for states and actors, to obligate to form a “Victims for Terror Trust” was called for, and at the same, to ensure that a Victims Emergency Victims Cert program becomes part of the norm in today world.

Many testimonies was heard by victims of terror at the session that left some officials chilled by the horror experienced by living victims of terror. “No more Terror” one Vitim cried during her heart breaking speech, “No more terror please” 

Prior to the beginning basic QA was allowed to to Media and Reporters

In afford to obligate EU actors the official effective reference was made to Treaty No.196 adopted by The Council of Europe whereas it was pointed out the failure to act on the fight against terrorism.

President Baretzky said: “We need people who do not talk as Terrorist are not selling candies at a candy store. There should be an international regulation, that Victims are assisted and monitored, in the interest of their physical and psychological well- being, in accordance with the United Resolution adopted by the General Assembly Part A of General Assembly resolution 217 (III). International Bill of Human Rights”

Mr Ricardo Baretzky President of European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS)

“Act, don’t Speak, do as you talk” was a clear message in the need for immediate intervention in the rapid growing number of victims of Terrorism. Baretzky was officially appointed by International Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism NGO in Consultative Status of ECOSOC (The United Nations Economic and Social Council.) as the public representative in the Lawsuit for Child Victims of Terrorism under supervision of the International Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism.

The Humanitarian event was well received by all international actors present and the sitting was part of the Humanitarian sessions of the recognized NGO’s seeking solutions in partnership with the UN on the issue in effectively dealing with victims of terror seeking justice in fundamental rights.