WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – A delegation of South Korean college students will visit Japan later this week as part of an annual student exchange program, the foreign ministry here said Thursday, despite mounting diplomatic tensions between the two neighbors.

Tensions are running high between Seoul and Tokyo over recent remarks by prominent Japanese figures that deny responsibility for the forced sex slavery during World War II, along with its renewed claims to Korea’s rocky outcroppings of Dokdo in the East Sea.

The student exchange program has been conducted on an annual basis since its introduction in 1972, according to the ministry. During the 14-day stay from Saturday, 30 college students will visit the Japanese foreign ministry, hold discussion sessions with their Japanese counterparts on issues such as climate change and visit major tourist destinations.

A student delegation from Japan plans to come here next month, the ministry said.”The program will serve as an opportunity for the young generation of the two countries to enhance understanding about each other and solidify the basis of friendly bilateral relations in the future,” the ministry said in its statement. (Yonhap)