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World News Tomorrow – Italy

Last wednesday the 27th of October two earthquakes struck Italy where the town in the Parco National Dei Menti Sibillini called Usita is reported to be destroyed almost entirely as some other villages in the area.

This morning a new earthquake hit Italy with shocks felt even in Rome. The magnitude of this second series of shocks is according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) at a magnitude of 6.6.

The epicenter is visualized to be close Abeto a little town near Norcia that is roughly 35 km away from Amatrice. This second earthquake caused new buildings to be severely damaged, causing further damage to buildings already hit by the first earthquake.

Authorities were already warned by the CGR that the areas, now hit by this series earthquakes, were vulnerable and more powerful seismic activities are to be expected.

Earlier this year, on the 24th of August an earthquake struck the centre of Italy near the villages of Accumoli and Amatrice leaving over 240 people to die and many injured.


The event left some of the villages out of power and sent into darkness leaving no possibility to get in touch with emergency responders or hospitals.

The CGR was established in 1982 as an organ of civil protection in charge of advising and making proposals to the DPC (Civil Protection Department). The warnings on the so-called risk areas go back to the Aquila Trials of 31st of March 2009.

the Aquila Trials are about seven scientists and officials who were indicted for manslaughter after taking part in the so-called “Great Risk Commission” meeting at L’Aquila, 31 March 2009. One of the accusations “having performed an approximate, generic and ineffective assessment of the risks connected with the seismic activity on-going in the L’Aquila territory since December 2008” became the reason for the trials.

This Aquila meeting was held in the light of continuing spreading of rumors on forecasting major events of a amateur technician, especially that of a a major earthquake on 29-30 March in Sulmona, 60 km away from L’Aquila. And contradicting messages from regional authorities that events were not to be expected. Full reading on the Aquila trials to be found here

Shortly after followed a series of earthquakes and amongst which the Aquila earthquake on 6th of April at a magnitude of 5.8 to 5.9 on Richter’s scale. The epicenter was near Aquila.

the warnings from CGR today point out three major areas at risk of earthquakes. It is to be expected the people in Italy will have to endure more earthquakes to come.

By the Editor in Chief