World News New York Breaking News: The ECIPS issued an Exodus Alert to all EU member states several months prior to the beginning of the migrant crises that begun in the European Union early in July 2015. The disembargment   from security forces to ignore the Exodus Alert, now raised many questions within the parliamentary associations as to what has been missed and why was there no priority given to the Exodus Alert issued by the EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR INFORMATION POLICY & SECURITY (ECIPS) ? Recent Counter Intelligence data now suggests that ISIS has used refugee migration opportunity and might have been behind some of the migrations all along. HUMIT information strongly suggest that many of these migrants could not have been migrants at all, but rather fully trained ISIS recruitment,now believed to potentially be part of the ISIL Trojan Horse. Could it be true that history is repeating itself in this particular case as it did 1600 years ago? There are some security scholars who strongly believe that this is only the beginning for something greater to come, and that the danger has reached beyond any point of control at present.

The question was recently asked. “Why only now?”  Well, the answer is simple and clear. ISIS needed to wait for the atmospherics to change in order to force the refugees beyond their point of control. If this hypothesis is correct, then this would clearly indicate that ISIS has indeed an advanced intelligence strategy in place as warned before by counter terror experts of both Europe and USA. While politicians are only waking up now, some is still in deep sleep.  It is clear that this threat is not for the faint hearted to deal with, and urgent restructuring of the European security policiess needs to be done as a whole. Whether this will take place needs to be seen. T

The President of ECIPS Ricardo BARETZKY said that this threat is well undermined and the fact that this has, what he called “UNCONTROLLED MIGRANTS DISPLACEMENT” poses a definite and confirmed threat to the European Union and its citizens at an unprecedented scale as a whole, and urged all the prime ministers to pay attention before Europe turns into a second Syria in a fight for territory control by ISIS. The President said that it is time that the seriousness of this threat is taken under proper control to avoid a catastrophic cataclysm in the very near future. It is important not only to evaluate the situation correctly, but also to make the correct decisions with regards as to how this issue is been dealt with. The president said that all European member states should not delay any further their obligations in discussions with the ECIPS to find an immediate solution that is objective and just to the European values of all European citizens.

Several officials agreed with this statement, but it seems that few get to understand the importance of these words of warning. Media intelligence recently confirmed that as much as 4000 ISIS militants could have crossed the border in recent weeks, but a deeper analysis indicates that it could be as much as three times more. We should ask ourselves.”What damage could an army of 1000 militants do in one night if coordinated?”  One of the main things  we should think about is if a migrant or refugee is  just concerned about their safety, why not cross the nearest border to safety and  why drive thousands of illegal migrants to a single point such as Germany. After all, what do you do when 800,000 people don’t speak the language nor understand the culture? Wouldn’t it be more logic that migrants to go where they are safe with familiar cultural territory? it is by nature that not only does it pose the risk from external threat but also the rejection of integration into the society of such new culture. What is most alarming is that these Migrants often reject food and water supplied to them whilst traveling to Germany. This should not go unnoticed an yet few gets the importance of such behavior !

OSINT and social media publications strongly suggests and indicates that this is not a migration crisis at all and only roughly about 20 % could be in dire need. More than 70% are men whilst only about the 5% are women and children. One could argue and say these are migrants, however, a migrant or a refugee, would still carry their papers with them in most cases whilst many in this case do not carry any papers. The data from the Second World War, strongly indicates that this would be correct since many who fled Europe indeed had some identification with them when escaping the holocaust. Since there is no official databases to cross- check the present migrants and only few has identification papers and their stories to tell, the blindly issuing of any identity documents to temporally stay in the European Union by any authorities goes against several treaties and security protocols of the European Union. This dramatically increases the security risk of European Union as a whole and one can argue why not take all borders down permanently since many of the legitimate population is put under strain to produce their identity documents when crossing the border. The irony is that  any person from Europe traveling to Middle Eastern countries including Syria will never enter the border without providing their official passport. It should be strongly questioned as to the motives of who and why this misconception was created assuming that all is just refugees seeking entry. The purpose of the United Nations is precisely to deal with this type of matters whilst at present they sit on the bench witnessing the growing security risk within the European Union. Border forces is confronted with the systematic breakdown of many decades of hard work keeping the European borders safe, but the question remains, who will be held accountable and responsible  when this Trojan horse opened its wings of mass destruction within the peaceful territory of the EU which promises liberty and justice for all. Could we compare such a massacre with the recent small terror attacks in France and which official can guarantee this would not happen?

The general conclusion is that compassion should certainly not be confused with radicalism in our day and age of the new coming !

By Kevin Brenan for WNT News.

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