WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – UK – For thousands of years Hive Intelligence  also known as Swarm intelligence (SI) were commonly known to be used by bees and birds, but now, some specialist from the Intelligence community says is also used artificially by the intelligence community on global scale to direct the outcome of politics.

The Media could be used as such instrument to make such collective behavior possible using its subliminal influences of which some are still not properly defined within the legal structures of the laws of many countries.
Global Threat analyst and security expert, Baron Baretzky said that the use of “BHT” (Bee Hive Technology) as a political tool has been used for a very long time, even long before the modern media existed. He said Alexander the Great was a good example and pioneer in the use of this technology during combat.

Baretzky said that the “Key” to the use of this technology, is to make certain that it don’t reveal itself in public face and thus can be collectively controlled as one by its creator. Does it mean we think as one, not necessarily, but it does mean that human can react collectively to a predictable outcome in a very short space of time?

Viral media is a good example of the spread of information using this technology. We all know the Wiki leaks storey and how fast it spread. Was it perhaps part of a greater predictable outcome of some sort or kind?

Baretzky said that the danger is if we can’t control it and warned that it will at some stages take on a new form of artificial intelligence on its own, He said with telecommunications technologies are on the evolving rapidly it could pose a danger in the future should such footprint finds its way in our Internet systems and networks in regional scale. He said that this should be properly investigated by European Union authorities as an urgent matter.

Baretzky said that a cross border international Cyber Police is an absolute necessity, but so far these calls have been falling on deaf ears. Baretzky said that Cyber threats is here to stay and when it does penetrate the Hive technology it could created unpredicted and unforeseen security problems on monumental scale.

By Grant Hobs UK

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