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With over 90.000 strong, Iraqi coalition forces march towards the outskirts of Mosul. This may very well mean the end of ISIS in Iraq. Mosul, once a metropolis with once 2,5 million inhabitants is since ISIS regime left with, according to estimates, around 1 million. It is the largest city under occupancy of ISIS today in both Iraq and Syria and of strategic importance to ISIS.

Mosul is the second largest city in Irak and was captured by ISIS in 2014. This loss meant a tremendous change in the fate of the inhabitants of which only half remain in the city under ISIS occupation.

In the battle for Mosul that is unfolding now, many of them will find fate in protecting the ISIS controlled positions serving either as shield or booby-trap. According to sources ISIS has created a vast network of defenses in the heart of the city determined to fight to the very last.

ISIS has already lost many villages in the outskirts of Mosul to the Iraqi Coalition, according to CNN’s article, ISIS has lately suffered tremendous setback. It lost the city of Dabiq, Lost one of its prime leaders in Turkey and now the attack on their prime stronghold: Mosul.

Mosul is crucial for the future of ISIS and it is unknown what tactics the coalition fighters will encounter. It might well be that ISIS will use the same tactics like car bombs, suicide bombers and use civilians as shield. It could be that other, perhaps less conventional weapons, be employed by ISIS in order to prevent loosing what they claim is theirs.

The aftermath of this fight could also trigger a serious displacement of people. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, it is imperative to protect Mosul civilians. Grandi did make this statement in a press conference in Bagdad just hours before the attack on Mosul began.

Over 3 million people are already displaced in Iraq because of war and the attack on Mosul could easily add another million to it because of people fleeing the city.

The budget for assistance from UNHCR is to reach $196 million but is currently funded up to 38%. With the winter in sight the need for the remaining 62% of the money is “ urgent”.

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