WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – New York- A research released conducted by the IQ Institute presented astonishing results. The average IQ of westerners turned out to be an average 125 , Interesting the european countries find itself in the revolutionary financial crises at the moment.

The research goes on and found that Asian tops some of the research with 180 or more in some universities and that some are not so lucky. Findings found that African American is the USA presented a mere IQ of 85 a considerable amount lower than the rest. Although ethnic background could play a role its seems to be minute as the results produced contrary results.

The research gets more interesting. In Africa it was found that the average IQ is 61 and scores the lowest against india scoring 111. This brings us to doomsday scenario and countries in Africa are most likely certain to evolve slower than the rest as it show a remarkable backlog with a possible difference of over 25000 years differences in evaluation between several human species.

Some animals IQ scored equivalent to that of a two years but more interesting the chimpanzee scored an IQ of 18 as a primal base of research. Some African Americans like Martin luther King suggested that all man evolve from Africa however this test scores shows different and provide clarity on the evolution of man as a whole.

By the Editor exclusive for World News Tomorrow USA