World News New Delhi, 20 March,2018. Before heading for Press Conference jointly with his two deputies later in the day in newly built Press Briefing room Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj today confirmed tragic news of killing of 39 Indians who were missing in Mosul,Iraq since June 2014 before liberation of town by joint forcess of US and Iraqi Army.

While opposition and families of dead raised questions on Government’s modus operendi in the matter in and outside parliament it was sad moments for Minister herself to confirm the news reached to her through diplomatic channels and an NGO ‘Martyrs Foundation’ which matched the DNA with 38 out of 39 recovered bodies from Badush Mond to that of family members.

Previously,on couple of occasions minister has refused to use the term ‘believed to be dead’ for now killed 39 Indians unlike other governments do on a very human ground and keeping the sentiment of family of diceseased in mind.

Earlier in the day,it became quite difficult for Minister to convey news to parliament and nation as main opposition kept creating ruckus inside parliament while she was speaking.

Answering a wuestion on why families were not informed first Minister told that in a Parliamentary democratic set up,its her responsibility to inform parliament and nation first,how ever families are believed to be on recievers end of news of tragic killing of thier family members.

It is evident that Government did massive ground work to search for missing 39 in last four years by sending diplomats and even to Ministers to Mosul at multiple occassions.During such one visit,M J Akbar,Deputy of Sushma Swaraj recalls how premier of one partner nation had shown his concern in search operation knowing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s worry.

Identifying the bodies itself was herculean task as ‘Martyrs Foundation’ based out of Iraq which helped Indian government in this massive search operation asked for DNA of family members.It had became little more difficult for Indian government when on tip off Indian delegates visited a Mosul jail where 39 missing Indians were supposed to be kept but only to discover that Jail already was bomborded and was in ruins.

Later this year on some local’s tip off Iraqi government and Martyrs foundation helped India to execumate badush mond and recovered 39 bodies with symbols such as long hairs and Kada(evident with Sikhs).

Later in the press conference Sushma Swaraj told reporters that 27 out of 39 missing are from Northern Indian state of Punjab, 6 from Bihar, 4 from West Bengal and 2 from Madhya Pradesh.

Minister also told that her deputy Gen V K Singh will fly to Beghdad and return back with all bodies and hand it over to family members.

Answering a question about ISIS she said that to fight out such a lethal terror group responsible for killing of millions of civilians including these 39 Indians a joint and massive effort is needed and PM Narendra Modi does not differ to her on this.